“A View to a Kill” Live Blog!

It’s Christopher Walken time! I’ll be live blogging in about ten minutes.

:47 THEY’RE RUSSIAN!! i can tell because they speak russian in russia

2:03 I love how agile bond is in his later years

3:12 bond quickly run away from the movie screen! it might catch up to you while standing still

3:39 snowboarding + surfer music = fuck you movie

4:38 they have all the guns in the world. all bond needs is an amazingly accurate flare gun

5:26 oh look it’s bond granddaughter! she wants a spy too

6:02 bond! that’s you’re granddaughter! stop that!

6:23 ok that’s kind of hot i will say that. the boobs unfold a little to reveal the logo, kind of smart

7:00 of course the rest of this is shit. and the music is horrendous. anyone who like duran duran should be shot


9:08 seriously mpaa where the fuck where you?

10:29 it’s the ’80’s so robots. deal with it

11:25 i don’t ‘modern toasters’ have microchips in them even today

11:47 so how many 00’s have died so far 3, 9 are there any others?

12:19 “so there’s no way he’s the villain. his name is Zorin for gods sake!”

13:22 if i was a woman i would were that at all times.

14:46 so is this like a school outing for Q and MoneyPenny. they’re not really helping and are kind of just enjoying the day

15:29 i guess we’re in paris now

16:44 guys the creepy whistling and the random butterfly puppets connected to the guys dressed in all black is not helping the super creepy vibe running through this place

18:42 god ninja’s suck in the bond franchise


20:10 ok bond you’re just showing off now. everyone already knows your awesome at everything you don’t have to rub it in our noses.

22:04 and when he means squeeze him in he actually means up his ass.

22:42 ummmm is this guy aware that the camera’s are on because he is not trying

24:19 what makes her hair do that! some kind of alien gel that you have to get from some star trek species?

25:55 at this point i’m getting tired of the names of women in this series. it’s just boring now

26:16 and when he means early riser he’s actually talking about his boner

28:52 i’m seeing christopher walken but i’m not hearing him. this is upsetting

29:48 god someone shoot her hair and put it out of it’s misery

31:36 goddamnit walken fucking talk to me! whisper in my ear with your beautiful voice

32:20 i respect a man that’s rocks a monocle


33:50 he really likes the saddle, it’s when he’s the happiest

34:11 “…which means i’m actually a villain”

34:52 are they really slowing down the duran duran song into a love song? where’s my gun

35:30 zorin and this evil chick are really knew to the villain game aren’t they. they’ve practically told bond that they are up to no good.

36:11 and isn’t this suppose to be about microchips and not horse racing

38:37 yeah microchips i should have just waited

39:30 i wonder were the upcoming fight is going to take place?

40:48 rape face

40:58 walken fu!!

41:50 she has to devour men’s souls to feed the hair



43:52 bond don’t do it. it’s only to feed the hair!

45:15 walken is so smart. he made bond look in that direction

45:33 wait wait…. did zorin just cum his pants!!

46:54 the hair doesn’t believe you

47:52 evidently BP is spondering A View to a Kill this week. nice to know.

48:56 that horse is like bond’s cock. just bucking around wildly not caring what it hits.

49:54 obvious cheating is obvious

50:06 what is this? the horse version of rollarball?!

51:18 “you’re not sir godfrey at all!”

52:00 i could hear walken say “you amuse me mr. bond” all day long

52:49 of course he makes the classic mistake of not just SHOOTING BOND IN THE FUCKING FACE!

53:16 I mean come on the windows are eve open.

53:31 at least they were open

53:50 i enjoy macguyver bond. he’s always the best.

55:20 he’d still be a rich asshole

56:22 the nondiscriminate mumbling says yes

56:56 zorin is going all goldfinger on these assholes.

58:00 her hair is going to eat him. this hair really doesn’t go hungry

58:23 “did that body just fall out of zorin’s balloon?” “yeah i think it did”

58:56 hey look it’s the name of the movie.

1:00:03 this guy keeps his entire office inside his shirt

1:01:56 why even mention that’s it’s heavily guarded if you already know you’re going there

1:02:16 bummer no pigeon hat scuba disguise

1:04:22 when bond isn’t even trying he fucks up everyone’s plans.

1:06:17 lol i love watching walken think in this film. he just pauses looks back and forth and then makes a decision. classic

1:07:24 also starring her tits

1:08:07 i think this is a world land speed record for bond getting into bed with someone

1:09:45 goddamnit bond you’re old. stop fucking these women. it’s unfair

1:10:39 isn’t he a russian general? why is he in the feild

1:14:27 i’ve been bored with this film. nothing of note has happened in almost five minutes now

1:15:22 why is bond hiding his identity. did he not take his medication today or is that alzhiemer’s finally kicking in

1:16:37 old men fighting. yes it’s boring as it sounds.

1:18:08 and he’s a master cook. fuck you bond fuck you

1:20:12 bond don’t, just stop, i’ve seen that look before, do NOT SLEEP WITH HER

1:20:37 so we’re slow playing the duran duran song again. thanks movie thanks

1:21:20 good man bond good man. keep it in your pants

1:21:56 if she’s broke where is this tech coming from

1:23:11 “and i’m sure they didn’t deactivate it”

1:24:58 oh look another sneaking into an office scene


1:26:58 But in case of emergencies always use the stairs

1:28:06 yeah they turned off the power bond you can stop trying the buttons

1:29:00 there are a lot of things in this building that are incapable of burning and yet this is happening

1:31:33 seriously the screeching needs to stop

1:32;23 hero duran duran now! awesome

1:33:35 so he magically knew that was bond’s gun?

1:34:45 and she instantly believes him. fucking idiot

1:36:37 really was that even necassary?

1:37:54 this has suddenly turned into Speed 3: Bond Edition

1:39:55 ROCKET PUNCH! it’s bond quarter circle attack

1:44:13 i want to be the company that builds all these models for super villains. looks like fun



1:46:00 also didn’t gene hackman do this in superman 1

1:46:50 walken will have none of this bullshit

1:48:13 and now we are in the goonies

1:48;45 christopher walken as chunk from goonies. GO!

1:50:03 he mr walken why are you exploding the bomb while still int eh cave?

1:51:00 “Christopher Walken open fired on some miner’s today…”

1:52:09 i don’t think anyone win’s in this situation. you either drown, get shot, or electricuted

1:54:04 oh so that’s where the blimp is

1:55:18 so she’s a good guy now. well that was easy

1:57:16 go wesley snipes go!

1:58:38 where did they get the mine cart from acme!?

1:59:03 bye wesley snipes we loved you

2:00:37 so what is zorin’s plan? just hang around in the blimp until everyone forgets he a bad guy

2:03:48 there has never been a scarier villain. walken with a fire axe.

2:05:33 at this point just cut your loses and go home

2:07:37 so Q is just an old man perv. nice. and bond is fucking women that are a quarter his age. even better. fuck you bond fuck you

2:08:14 i’m glad this is moore last film.


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